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August 04, 2014

After really stressfull Uni-months, I celebrate my Lookbook and Blogger revival now. Will post more regularly next weeks and I'm pretty sure, not only looks! This is a neopen pullover. I love the material, even though it's quite hot in summer, but perfect for parties in the evening and night :) I'm trying to grow my hair longer - hope it'll suit me.^^ Bought this superpretty plant some weeks ago - Monstera Deliciosa. I know, many of these "minimalism-Blogger" post photos of such plants, but I simply love the way the plant looks. So cool. And yeah, I'm really into minimalism-style lately ... well, less is more. I'll enjoy my summer this year, so should you too. I will go to festivals, will take more photos and pursue other plans. remain unfinished 

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