September 30, 2013

Two weeks ago I've been invited to a really cool labels fashion show and video broadcast. Moose Knuckles Canada. It all took place at the Goldberg Studios in munich. What a great location! The whole team has been so friendly to everyone and wanted us really to feel comfortable all the time. The show finally has been great! Loved the green shirts and more than one Parka from Moose Knuckles :) My Sister joined me there and totally agrees with me. Here some shots from the event. Enjoy and check out their page!

Tomorrow's my first day for university, semester 3. Two months holidays left behind me ... need to admit that I actually did less than I hoped to do in this time, but it's ok. On wednesday and Saturday I'll go to the Oktoberfest with some friends. It'll be so crowded, but it's a must! remain unfinished

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